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New Chapter in Apocrypha 2 Released

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Nexon has announced that the next chapter in the Dragon Nest Apocrypha 2 has been released. Players can find two new dungeon expansions, new accessories and crests and what devs are calling all new game types in the Dragon Expedition.

In the all-new Apocrypha 2 Chapter, Jasmine is back with a new army that is set on conquering Altera once and for all.  Players at level 50 and up will be able to access the three new Dungeons brought in with the new Apocrypha 2 Chapter and fight in the war against Jasmine, with exciting new main, side and daily quests.   Additional new areas in the Apocrypha 2 chapter include The Land of the Dead- Alnuut Valley, The City of Desert- Tel Rosa Streets, and the Occupied Shrine. 

Players at level 60 and up will get access to the portal to the new Dragon Expedition in the Garden of Eternity (Lvl 60) and fight in fierce battles to help save Altera by defeating the Mobius Realm, with 50 new missions, new titles, new costumes including Level 15 Magic Costumes, new exclusive recipes for cooking skills and a new Manticore pet!  The Dragon Expedition is for two-player cooperative play, requiring teamwork and coordination to complete it.  

Find out more on the Dragon Nest site.


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