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New Chaos Servers to Provide Devs with Data for PvP Balance & More

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The Dark & Light forum has been updated with a new post to reveal the first information about Chaos Servers, a new type of PvP-only server that will provide data and feedback for the dev team. As information is compiled, devs will "help inform PvP balancing and content development plans". There will be a number of changes on Chaos Servers, most specifically to experience rates, structure health and creature levels. Testing servers will be wiped once a month.

  • Chaos experience rates are set to 2x.
  • Item drops will tend to be higher-quality than what you’ll find on a regular server.
  • Average wild creature level will be higher than normal, and creatures can level to 30 levels higher than the current cap.
  • Structure health is set to 5% of the current values on official PvP servers (health values of placed equipment such as Workbenches, House Seals, Chests, etc. are unaffected).
  • War declaration time has been changed to 2 hours, after which the war will persist for 24 hours.

Learn more on the Dark & Light site.


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