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New Castle Building Preview Shows How Your Vampire Becomes a 'Dark Overseer' in V Rising

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Early Access is getting closer for V Rising, and Stunlock Studios has a brand new devblog and trailer, this time covering what you can expect from building your castle in the vampire survival game. 

One of the dev team’s goals is for players as their vampire characters can eventually feel what it’s like “a dark overseer, commanding the lessers to further their evil goals”. How you get there involves first waking up as a new vampire and then gaining ground to establish yourself as powerful enough to build your castle, and defend it as you rise in strength and power.

When it comes to survival games and vampire mythology, the idea of a home is a big deal. Survival games focus on building shelter where you can stay safe and progress, grow, and serve as your base to survive in a dangerous world.  When it comes to vampire lore, a safe home is also central to a vampire's existence and continued protection from the outside, avoiding suspicion and possible destruction. The blended concept is closer than you might think.

Castles are tied to progression so you won't arise as a new vampire with a palace waiting for you. However, you can start to build once you establish something called the Castle Heart. This is established via blood magic and you will need to keep supplying blood to maintain it. If you do that, your production and crafting will work to do what you need to keep building a bigger and stronger castle and supply your adventures. When it comes to crafting or production, you just need to supply the resources and it will happen automatically as long as the blood is still flowing.

The Castle Heart also serves as the base of your defenses. Keep that topped up with blood and it will make your walls very difficult to breach and save you on repairs if someone does (unsuccessfully) attack.

Once you start building up into a palace, you'll be able to tailor everything with decorations, workshops, and whatever fits your particular style. Using magic, you can also hunt and bring back humans to your castle, things like taking a prisoner that will be there for you to feed on, making some servants, or even thralls.

For more, read the full V Rising devblog.


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