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New Camelot Unchained Blog Post Outlines Updates to Minstrel, NPC Behavior, Dark Fool Components

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Camelot Unchained blog post highlighted several items and their progress over the last week, including Minstrel design, NPC Behavior, Dark Fool Components.

Additionally, tons of new concept art was shared. Check out a snippet below, and click here for the full post and to see the new concept art.

  • WIP – Minstrel: The very first iteration of the Minstrel has arrived! We’ll be adding the support classes over the next several weeks. Please keep in mind that you’re seeing how the sausage is made, meaning placeholder FX and animations, a lack of balancing, and plenty of bugs to find. We’ve completed an initial pass on Minstrel abilities, mainly focused on the starter abilities. Please provide feedback on the class and let us know about any encountered bugs in the forums.
  • WIP – Design – Minstrel: Ben completed an initial testing and balance pass on the Minstrel class. He also provided initial testing feedback on the capture point scenario, with changes to the NPC behaviors, as noted below from Spidey.
  • WIP – Tech – Dark Fool: This week, Anthony added the Panic stat, and with it, the base set of Dark Fool components. Panic is a stat that functions a lot like Stamina. Stamina locks at 0 for a bit when you’re exhausted, and Panic will lock at your MaxPanic stat for a bit when it reaches that threshold. Several support components exploit enemies with a maxed-out panic resource, locking up movement or preventing certain kinds of abilities from being used. At the moment, only support classes can increase it, but eventually there might be other ways to influence it.
  • Tech – NPC Behavior: Spidey was knee-deep in NPC behavior this week. Based on Ben’s testing, he was able to fix a few bugs. NPCs should no longer target and loiter around dead players. While in groups, NPCs will not clump together as easily. They can still get “stuck” when in large groups, but their pathing requests will time out, allowing them to pick a new destination, which allows the clumped group to disperse, given enough time.
  • Art – Concept – Support Class Instruments: After each concept was chosen, Sandra completed a color pass and cleanup with material references. Over the next several weeks, we’ll create the models and initial supporting animations.


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