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New Borderlands 3 Patch Fixes KillaVolt Issues, Improves Performance

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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A new patch for Borderlands 3 is live, fixing a host of issues players have experienced in the popular looter shooter, including issues surrounding KillaVolt.

The new patch notes hit this week and possibly the most important change is fixing KillaVolt, one of the bosses many Borderlands 3 players have felt to be particularly busted. This round of patch notes effectively nerfs the boss fight, with the Borderlands team acknowledging that maybe the fight shouldn't have felt that busted to begin with.

Addressed a reported issue where KillaVolt's Shield Storm attack does not disable the tiles around KillaVolt, resulting in the entire floor being activated (oops).

Additionally, the new patch notes showcase fixes to performance, specifically texture streaming on PC when using ADS in combat. While the performance fixes are not as comprehensive as some might want, the team does acknowledge the issues and states the fixes in the patch currently are based on changes that were already tested by the team.

This update contains the first batch of performance fixes. It’s far from exhaustive, but we wanted to address issues and concerns with changes that were ready and tested out as soon as possible while the team continues active investigation and work on additional performance improvements for upcoming patches.

You can check out the full patch notes here. Also, make sure you read our Borderlands 3 review, which went live earlier this week. 


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