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New Bombs Have Dropped in Last Oasis

Plus some fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The bombs have dropped in Last Oasis as part of the latest patch.

The newest patch adds a host of new bombs including cluster bombs, healing bombs, and insect bombs. Some additional bomb-related additions include:

  • Added equipment durability damage to the Sulfur Bomb.
  • Made Chalk Bomb a smoke screen by removing damage.
  • Improved performance optimization of bombs and gases.
  • Improved visuals of bombs and gases.

The patch also brought about several fixes and tweaks, including one which affected clan overlay. A bunch of fixes include:

  • Fixed being able to unpack things close to enemy bases.
  • Fixed Slingshot not working with Ammo Chest properly.
  • Fixed Camelop's protection bubble.
  • Fixed Camelop continuing to pump after destruction.
  • Fixed enemies being able to activate the Camelop pump.
  • Fixed some missing item descriptions.
  • Fixed water particles interaction with players.

You can read the full patch notes along with a community Q&A here.


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