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GamersFirst has announced that the official blog for its forthcoming Unity-based PvP MMO, Hailan Rising, is now live. The initial post introduces players to the basics of Hailan Rising, including a bit of lore as well as some basic game features.

Let's talk about the "No Character Class" concept. How do we achieve this? As already stated, by using the Etherea System. Each player has an Etherea Tablet that has 46 different combat abilities (you can open the Tablet in game by pressing 'T'). You will also notice you have an empty 10 slot hotbar. You do not have to earn or unlock your combat abilities. You simply enter the game, open the Tablet, then drag any 10 abilities that you want into your hotbar. Congratulations! You have created your character build!

Check out the Hailan Rising blog.


Suzie Ford

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