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New Beta Download for Asheron's Call 2!

Justin Joseph G Posted:
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10/5/02, 9:16 am PST] BETA 2 SETUP NOW AVAILABLE Everyone already in the Beta should reinstall AC2 with this Setup for three reasons: 1) If you crash, get stuck, or go into "neverending portals", only by using this Setup can you fix many of those problems. 2) If you ever need to reinstall AC2, your in-game update will be very quick. 3) If you want to submit bugs and get help with technical problems, we will be much better able to help you if you have installed this Setup.

Note that you do NOT need to subscribe to FilePlanet's monthly paid service to get the download or buy the CD: look for "Public Servers" in the list of download sites. Also, if you are already in the Beta, you can ignore warnings that the "Beta is full".

Please go to


Justin Joseph G