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New ArcheAge Team Writes to the Community for the First Time

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The ArcheAge site has been updated with a brief note from the new ArcheAge team to let the community know what it has been up to for the past couple weeks since the announcement that Trion Worlds had been sold to Gamigo. In it, the new team is working to ensure server stability, set up the new infrastructure and to deploy the 5.0 Update Relics of Hiram to the PTS today. Relics will be ready for players to test starting at 4:00 pm today and 5.0 will be launching on live servers on November 13th.

We know there are concerns about customer support tickets that were opened during the last two weeks. Knowledge is being transferred to the new Customer Service team and we will begin providing 1:1 support as soon as we can. The Community Management team at Gamigo will be joining us on the forums and our new English, French, and German speaking moderators will introduce themselves!

The team is planning to deliver a new variation of the Homecoming Warrior Package to all accounts at the release of the 5.0 update. The other 3 compensation packages intended to be delivered as a result of the recent Legacy Server Evolutions will also be granted after the update occurs on November 13th. A full list of contents for each pack can be found in the PTS update notes.

Check out the full update on the ArcheAge site.


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