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New & Improved Party Features Incoming

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Path of Exile site has been updated with a new post to lay out the first details about forthcoming changes to the party system. The party system hasn't been updated in some time, according to the bog, but improvements will be rolling out in the 3.3.x series of patches.

Players will find several new features including:

  • Teleport to Party Members - "Clicking on another party members portrait will take you directly to that players last checkpoint or town portal. If you are in a map, this means they will appear outside the map device that leads to the area you are in."
  • Autojoin Party - "We want to allow for a more seamless partying experience, so we are adding a feature to allow your friends or guildmates to automatically join your party. " This will be a toggled feature.
  • Downleveling to Play with Friends - "You will be reduced in power to your friend's level and they will be able to play with no experience penalty. This means you will both be able play together and they can level up as normal."
  • Join Party from Character Select 

Read up on the full details by visiting the Path of Exile site.


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