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New Adventures & Opportunities on Arkadia Moon, an All New Location Coming in 2018

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Entropia Universe is expanding in Q3 2018 with a new location called Arkadia Moon. The zone offers chances at adventure and provides opportunities for everyone. In addition, players can purchase deeds and own part of the virtual moon that is 64 square kilometers in size and that features "high stakes mining opportunities". 

At this time, there are 200,000 deeds being offered "at a discounted pre-sale price". These parcels cover 100% of the available surface of the moon and will be on offer in the web store for about $6.00 USD.

There are more than a billion microtransactions taking place in Entropia Universe every month, and these deeds are a way for players to profit.  Entropia Universe uses a real cash economy, with a yearly Gross Domestic Product of more than $400 million – equivalent to the nation of Tonga. Entropia Universe property sales in the past have earned investors broken world records, including the very first virtual property worth over $1,000,000.The recent sale of the Arkadia Underground Deeds earned buyers a 60% increase in capital gain since launch.

The full deed discount schedule for Arkadia Moon includes:

  • January: 50 PED ($5.00 USD)
  • February: 52.5 PED ($5.25 USD)
  • March: 55 PED ($5.50 USD)
  • April: 57.5 PED ($5.75 USD)
  • May onward: 60 PED ($6.00 USD)

Tax revenue from Arkadia Moon will be distributed automatically to deed holders on a daily basis after launch and will have a fixed tax percentage of 5%.

You can learn more on the Entropia Universe site.


Suzie Ford

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