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New AA Survival Action RPG, Frozen Flame, Hits Early Access This Fall

Closed beta in June

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new AA survival action RPG called Frozen Flame is set to make its Early Access debut this fall. Here are the details.

Frozen Flame is described by the press release as, “a multiplayer Survival Action RPG that offers a fresh take on the survival genre by enhancing it with deep role-playing experience.” As a crowdfunded campaign, it exceeded the $50,000 needed, and continues to raise money.

Because of this, the team (Dreamside Interactive) have announced a closed beta in June on PC, with Early Access to follow this Fall. Consoles will receive the game after.

Features for Frozen Flame include:

  • EXPLORE THE WORLD OF DRAGONS - Explore a vast open-world filled with epic artifacts and secrets waiting to be uncovered.
  • MASTER THE MAGICAL FLAME - The world is filled with the magic of The Flame, offering unlimited possibilities.
  • HUNT THE CURSED CREATURES - The land remains cursed and is filled with monsters that have been driven mad by their obsession and thirst for the Flame's unmatched power.
  • TEAM UP WITH ALLIES - Play on your own, with friends, or join an Order

You can catch the trailer below:


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