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Neverwinter's Tales of Old Is Back With Throne of Idris Event

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Neverwinter is bringing back its Tales of Old event, this time with a new encounter called Throne of Idris. Players will be able to take on the new event, culminating with a showdown with Idris the Revenant. Throne of Idris begins on Thursday, October 17th and will run through October 24th.

Players who are at least level 15 can enter the crypts in the Miradain Fortress to take on Idris the Revnant. To start, you'll talk to Nipsy in the Protector's Enclave. Neverwinter's Tales of Old events are recurring events that allow players to take on classic dungeon encounters, each time increasing the difficulty if you keep going. 

By successfully defeating Idris and completing the dungeon, players will receive Coins of Tales Told, which are redeemable for a Chest of Tales Told. These chests have a chance to contant items such as a new vanity pet - a Mini Idris which is only available during the event, Woven Tales Enchantments, Rough AD, and more. These coins will disappear after the event, so you'll want to use them right away.

You can check out the full details of the event on the Neverwinter page, as well as learn more about how the Tales of Old series is run on its separate post. 


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