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Neverwinter's Sharandar Module Launches First Episode Today On PC

Return To Sharandar

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Neverwinter's latest module, titled Sharandar, has hit PC today with the first of three episodes being added to the MMO. Episode 1: The Iron Tooth brings players back to Sharandar, which was first introduced back in 2013, and includes a new Sharandar social hub.

Sharandar was first introduced to players back in 2013 with the Fury of the Feywild module, and Neverwinter fans can explore an all-new Sharandar experience, complete with a new social hub to gather your party and venture forth. 

The Iron Tooth brings with it an adventure zone, Ruins of Malabog, as well as the Vault of Stars End-Game dungeon for players to explore. Players can also earn rewards in the new episode such as the Forest Guardian's armor set and a Blink Dog companion. 

From the press release:

"Across three epic episodes, Neverwinter’s newest module has players return to Sharandar to end the unsettling darkness creeping across the Feywild and the area’s age-old elven stronghold. The Iron Tooth, introduces new and returning players to the Feywild lands of Sharandar, where they must head to the Ruins of Malabog to investigate the disappearance of an elven dignitary. With loutish creatures that will kill any foolish enough to enter the ruins, players will need to join forces to successfully be Protectors of the Feywild and rise against the darkness. "

You can check out the new update today on PC, though console players of Neverwinter will be waiting until March to go hands on in the new zone. The Neverwinter team has also released a new trailer to accompany the new release, which is embedded below.


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