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Neverwinter's New Echoes of Prophecy Milestone: Prophetic Retellings is Out Today

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In Neverwinter, the second milestone “Prophetic Retellings” in the Echoes of Prophecy storyline begins today. Echoes of Prophecy is the latest big content update for Neverwinter and it follows the return of the Cult of the Dragon.

You must figure out what’s going on with a disturbance in the Weave and find out exactly what’s planned, and once you do, work to stop the plot from coming to pass. Continue investigating and challenging the plot of the Cult of the Dragon and collect some new rewards.

Among those possible rewards? The Neverwinter Knight is there to help you defend Neverwinter from the danger it’s facing. The knight will support you by using Neverwinter Knight’s Discipline, which will increase your damage output. 

There’s a premium reward that also comes in the form of a helper, Corbin the Venerated. He will join you in combat against the Cult using his greatsword to charge at enemies on the battlefield. He can also blast a couple fireballs when needed too, for a little flexibility. Corbin will also give you a chance of increased recharge speed on encounter used via an ability called Corbin’s Confidence.

This milestone is the middle chapter of this content season and those are only some of the available rewards. If you have a Premium pass you’ll be able to play beyond the end date of the initial milestones, and you can also bypass the milestones by using Zen to complete it on demand, with a rate that’s lower if you already have partially completed the content.

The third milestone will start on December 1 and end on January 10, 2022. Although if you do buy premium passes you can continue purchasing those up through March 31 and completing all milestones through April 30th. If you buy a pass or you use a milestone buyout for Zen those will apply account wide. 

For more, see the Echoes of Prophecy overview on the Neverwinter site.


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