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Neverwinter's Latest Undermountain Blog Goes Into Expeditions Environments

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The latest Neverwinter blog devoted to the upcoming Undermountain content expansion has been published, this time penned by Environment Artist Patrick Poage. In it, Poage talks about creating the perfect environments for Expeditions and the goals the team had setting out into Undermountain. "We want it to feel like you're traveling far and wide across Undermountain and we want to give it as much variety as we can". 

Creating the mood for a new environment is one of my favorite things to do as an environment artist. The first thing I do is work with content to “paint a word picture” of what the space will look like. Descriptive language helps us visualize the end result and guides our process along the way. Next I focus on the three aspects of an environment that help establish mood: color, light, and atmosphere. For Expeditions, we wanted to create multiple different moods so that each time players go on an expedition it will feel fresh. This meant creating different combinations of colors, lights, and atmospheres for players to experience. In the end, we settled on three different moods. The “Classic” mood was traditional torchlit corridors. The “Mushroom” mood was very colorful with groovy glowing mushrooms. And the “Shadowfell” mood was the Classic mood with a shadowfell twist.

The post contains a number of screenshots that show off all of the things Poage writes about, so be sure to stop by the Neverwinter site to learn more.


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