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Neverwinter's First Class Since 2016 Is The Bard

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Neverwinter is getting a new class, the Bard, marking the first time since 2016 the Cryptic developed MMORPG has seen a new class added. 

Revealed on IGN, the new class is shown off in a new video with the song-slinging bard taking on foes in stride. The Bard class itself is described by Cryptic (via IGN) thusly:

"For players that choose the Bard class, they will become a stylish fighter who uses the power of song to enhance their allies and defeat their enemies. Weaving their way through their enemies with a variety of flashy attacks, Bards can seamlessly burst into songs burning their enemies with a blazing performance. Also, when in a more supportive role, Bards can dance around the battlefield filling the ears of their allies with rejuvenating carols and defensive minuets while preparing for the final curtain call."

The Bard is the first class to come to the free-to-play MMORPG Neverwinter since 2016's Oathbound Paladin. Based on Dungeons & Dragons, the MMORPG takes place in the Forgotten Realms setting, having just released its latest episode in the most recent module, Sharandar. Cryptic states, via Twitter, that the upcoming class will be featured in a module "later this year."

However, if you're itching to get your song on, the Bard itself will be available for testing on Neverwinter's preview server tomorrow, June 3rd.

Recently, our MMO ReRoll columnist Mitch took a look at Neverwinter, coming away impressed by the MMO and the community that plays it. 


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