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Neverwinter's Dragonbone Vale Preview Offers New Info, Clues, and a Look at the Dangerous Terrain

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Fresh off the news that the next module for Neverwinter is taking everyone to the Sword Coast and Dragonbone Vale, Arc Games is offering a preview of the adventure zone. In addition to some scope of the terrain, we also get some sense of those who seek to stop the Cult of the Dragon and their destructive rituals.

Part of the premise in the continued story is that Elminster requested the great factions to come together. This gathering, known as the Shield of the North, looks to be thorough and decisive. The group is working to investigate the strange goings-on, fighting the corruption throughout the veil, and trying to purify and reduce the danger and limit the destruction. this is where you’ll come in, freshly found in the War Camp during preparations for action.

The terrain is mountainous and dangerous, but you’ll be equipped to survive in the mountains with new enchanted grappling hooks for this module. This new tool won’t break and will help you climb and pass over gaps in the mountains. There are forces throughout the zone, so count on finding and being able to guard supply trains, soldiers, researchers, and scouts all working aligned to stop what’s going on.

The preview shows some of the other areas you can expect, including the mountains, the woods, and Quellwater Tarn, where scouts are based and supplies are replenished. This is also where the commander, Sergeant Knox is coordinating soldiers to fight back against the cult. Essentially, most of these areas will be full of tasks, people to help, and opportunities to find out more about the cult and their plans. One other area we get an intro to is The Scaleblight Summit, the dark and mysterious center of the cult and threat.What else awaits you on your adventures is to be revealed.

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