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Neverwinter's Celebration of Lliira Starts On June 30th

Celebrate through July 7th

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Neverwinter's Celebration of Lliira kicks off this week, bringing fireworks and daily quests to Protector's Enclave. The annual event sees players honoring to Goddess of Joy in a celebration that is sure to light up Neverwinter.

Players can jump into the Enclave to participate starting on June 30th. Llirra's Celebration daily quests will become available, seeing adventurer's tasked with finding crates around the Enclave. During the event, a magnificent fireworks show will be taking place every thirty minutes. Professional fireworks can be collected and turned in, though not during the show itself. 

You can earn these fireworks by slaying monsters during the event. Turning them in will net you some event currency, letting you purchase some themed rewards, such as the new Celestial Bear, as well as some returning items like the Cosmic Pig Mount.

You can read more on the Neverwinter website. Neverwinter's latest module, Dragonslayer, released earlier this month, bringing a new dragon hunt mechanic to the MMO. You can check it out in action in our recent live stream with the developers in the embed below.


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