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Neverwinter's 7th Anniversary Event Starts Today

Bunch of events and rewards

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Neverwinter celebrates its 7th anniversary with a Protector’s Jubilee starting today featuring a host of events and rewards.

The event kicks off today at 10a PDT and ends on June 25 at 10a PDT. There will be several events and festivities on hand. During this time period, you’ll be able to participate in Elminster’s Messages, Protector’s Speech Skirmish, and Escort missions.

For example, the speech skirmish deals with you trying to stop bad actors from preventing the speech from Lord Neverember. This event is held in the Protector’s Enclave. You’ll face three random encounters which will attack different parts of the city. You’ll have to defend the city to see that the speech moves forward. Note, you’ll need to be at least level 40 to participate in this one.

Rewards are also available in the form of the Protector’s Bounty. This includes figurines, renown, and more. Additionally, you can share gifts by toasting via Protector’s Hospitality. Discounts at stores are also available. Be sure to check out the full post here for a complete list of rewards available during the event period.


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