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Neverwinter Will Get Dragonbone Vale and its Grappling Hooks on Consoles a Week Early

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Neverwinter is getting its 22nd module, Dragonbone Vale, on PlayStation and Xbox a week earlier than expected. Get ready to try out the new grappling hook movement and to plot how to defeat the Cult of the Dragon once more deep within the mountains. The update features a 10-player trial, new quests, a new faction reputation system, and much more. 

The Cult of the Dragon is preparing for a dangerous ritual, which should be familiar to Neverwinter fans by now. This module features both returning characters and new ones, with the return of Valindra Shadowmantle waiting for you.

Some of the other features in the update include a new faction reputation system. You can earn favor with the four factions of the Shield of the North, an alliance of four factions that have come together, based in the mountainous area, to work together against the urgent threat at hand. You can earn reputation with each of the participating factions by doing tasks, and completing faction quests, heroic encounters, and more. 

There’s a new 10 player trial in the module, featuring Valindra Shadowmantle where you’ll be able to take her on by the Dwarven ruins of Keldegonn. .

There’s also a new epic adventure in the module that will take you all the way to the dangerous mystery behind the threatening vortex in the mountains at Scaleblight Summit. You’ll have to find out just what is going on beyond the barrier if you want a chance to defeat the Cult and get to the bottom of why there is a question of undead hordes and dragon bones coming up.

Originally set to release on console on February 8th, the module will be available instead on Tuesday, February 1st. For more on the content and the areas you’ll encounter, you can read this dev diary over on Neverwinter.


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