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Neverwinter Team Working on Rework of Combat

Lots of changes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The team behind Neverwinter have recently outlined some changes coming to combat in the form of a total rework.

The team lays out their goals with this rework including improved scaling, making it easier to understand, making item levels more accurate, making it easier to gear up, and keeping options for creative builds and min/max builds.

With respect to changes, ratings are at the top of the list. In fact, the most requested change from layers were to have their stat percentages and ratings remain unchanged when they are scaled. After this rework, rating caps will be based on your total item level. This means if your total item level is 50k, this means that each rating will have its own cap of 50k,

“If you have 50,000 Total Item Level and have a Defense Rating of 45,000, then you have 45% Defense from ratings.

If you have 40,000 Total Item Level and have a Defense Rating of 30,000, then you have 40% Defense from ratings.”

Other changes are coming to equipment, companions, boons, racial bonuses, player power magnitudes, and stats.


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