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Neverwinter Reworks the Demogorgon, Adds a Week of Double Dungeon Drops & Seals

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Tomorrow, September 30th at 7:30am PT/16:30 CEST, Neverwinter players will be able to enjoy a weeklong event featuring double drop rates for premium rewards in Epic Dungeon, Trial, and Skirmish. This week's update also included an overhaul of the Demogorgon, since players were just beating it way too fast. 

With these events running for the next week, until October 7th, there will be chances to give yourself a shot at earning these rewards. The Arc Games team indicated last year, that community feedback led to them deciding to improve premium item drop rates and rework a series of boosts. This event follows some of those changes, and should help everyone feel a little more fulfilled when taking on queued challenges.

Some of the items that you might get with these boosted rates include Wards, Genie's Gifts, Tradebars, a 36-slot bag, or even rare Legendary account-wide mounts. Over the past year, the team has been rethinking the drop rates via player data, so this boost should be helpful in upping your chances of snagging something good.

Now for that Demogorgon rework, things have been made a bit more complex, since data was showing that players were just getting better at beating it and walking away with the rewards. Well, that’s a good thing sometimes, but it's not  as fun without a challenge, so they've changed the mechanics and overhauled the entire task instead of just turning up the XP or decreasing damage. Teams have to work together in a more strategic way to get things done. DPS needs to keep moving and running around to destroy portals to keep everyone from being overrun before a possible victory has a chance. The tougher Demogorgon is live with the latest update.

For more on the update, see the full Neverwinter event announcement and the notes on the Demogorgon revamp.


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