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Neverwinter Re-Opens The Hell Pit Arena Event, Coming April 29th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Neverwinter is bringing back The Hell Pit for players to test their might. Coming April 29th, the return of The Hell Pit is just one in a "series of events" that Neverwinter players will see throughout the rest of the year.

Coming on April 29th, The Hell Pit sees players taking on wave after wave of enemies to survive. Those who do will be rewarded with tokens to use in a special store that can see you earn valuable rewards like the Golden Warhorse, enchantments and more.

"The time has come for another devilishly fun event! We are on the precipice of a war and the armies of hell are looking for souls to join the ranks. While any soul is helpful, there is a desire to collect souls of a more battle-hardened variety. What better way to find these souls then with a tournament that pits a worthy fighter against the denizens of hell?

That’s right adventurers - WELCOME TO THE HELL PIT! What is the hell pit you say? Well, the Hell Pit is an event where you must survive waves of enemies in arena style combat. If you survive you will be rewarded with a number of tokens based on the difficulty of the challenge."

Players can take on the challenge as many times as it takes, however they can only succeed once per day. According to the post on the Neverwinter website, every seven successful runs will see both the difficulty and payout increase. Successes aren't tracked on a character level either, rather it's account bound, meaning you can only succeed once per account, per day.

You can check out the full details on the Neverwinter website. The event runs from April 29th through May 20th at 7:30am PT/10:30am ET. 


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