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Neverwinter PS4 Undergoing Maintenance Tomorrow To Prep for Patch

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Neverwinter on PS4 is set to undergo maintenance as it prepares for a new patch.

Patch notes are quite extensive, with some highlights covering off,

  • Blackdagger Ruins: Storm the Keep: The missing section of the final bridge has been restored.
  • Blacklake District: Cornering Karzov: The encounters in this quest have been lowered in difficulty, including Karzov himself.
  • Ebon Downs: A bridge no longer has missing parts.
  • Elemental Evil: Crushing Gar Shatterkeel now has a quest path.
  • Underdark: Players no longer have to complete normal Demogorgon to complete the Unlock Epic Demogorgon campaign task.
  • Vellosk: The Tribal Pit no longer incorrectly has wall pieces that disappear.
  • Sea of Moving Ice: The Dragon Turtle no longer incorrectly jumps back to its original position for a moment after the breach animation.
  • Spectral Tricksters no longer flicker in and out of existence in Protector's Enclave.
  • Stronghold Dragonflight: Ghosts spawned by the black dragon now move more slowly.
  • The level 10 and 60 PvP quests are no longer given out, as PvP is now only available at level 80.
  • Tutorial: Players can no longer incorrectly collect two sets of starter gear.
  • Tutorial: Players who couldn't log in after logging out in a certain part of the Tutorial now can.
  • Tutorial: Players who log into the post-Bridge portion of the tutorial can no longer sometimes end up stuck.


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