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Neverwinter Patch Notes Bring Tweaks to Content, Encounters, More

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Neverwinter patch notes touch on content, companions, encounters, and more.

First up, some tweaks have been made to Avernus and Avernus: Blood War. For example, you now have additional information in Avernus to figure out how to interact with Blood War. Additionally, the Soul Coins heroic encounter won’t tank your performance as much. The Summer Festival also received a fix, where any player who received a Summer artisan last year should now be able to get one once you enter the Workshop.

Companions saw some tweaks too, including:

  • Sun's Insight: This companion power should now apply its bonuses properly.
  • Tutor: This companion's Instructional Aid now properly attacks.

Zariel’s Challenge saw a couple changes as well for the encounter,

  • During phase 2 the "Shade of Fire" and "Shade of Ice" will now spread out slightly when they are close to one another.
  • Zariel should no longer retain effects whenever she flies away, and therefore "0" damage pop-ups should no longer appear over empty space.

You can check out the rest of the notes which touch on combat, powers, items, economy, UI, performance, and more here.


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