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Neverwinter Patch Notes Bring Tweaks to Combat and More

UI sees some improvements too

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest patch notes for Neverwinter are here and bring some tweaks to combat and powers, plus UI fixes, and more.

For combat and power, artifacts see some changes with the Sigil of the Paladin. In short, the previous fix should affect all ranks. What was the previous fix? It prevented heal from scaling with any player sets you had.

The Rogue and Wizard see some balances:

  • Rogue: Dark Reimbursement now triggers 0.5 seconds after the Encounter power is cast, down from 1 second.
  • Wizard: Storm Spell is no longer incorrectly influenced by the player's Critical Strike chance, outside of its intended behavior (20% chance to trigger when the player critically strikes with certain powers)

Additionally, Mad Slash’s flying sword now deals damage correctly. Black Ice Warhorse’s power has been streamlined a bit and has been adjusted to feel more comparable to some other mount powers.

UI has seen some changes as well for contact dialog, inventory, and loadouts. Here’s how they break down:

Contact Dialog

  • Quest offers no longer show rewards that the character isn't eligible for, e.g. when the character has already reached the daily limit for that reward.


  • When discarding certain high-value items in a stack of 2 or higher, on Xbox One and PlayStation®4, the "hold to confirm" action now only works when the progress bar is highlighted.
    • This is to prevent an issue where, in certain contexts, an on-screen keyboard could display and prevent the player from discarding the items.


  • A case has been addressed where characters with multiple stacks of the same item in their item tray could be unable to switch loadouts.

You can check out the full patch notes here.


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