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Neverwinter Patch Highlights Mounts

Plus known issues

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Neverwinter patch touches on mounts while also looking at some known issues.

Sticking with mounts, Runic Aura will now actually add Combined Ratings to the character equipping it. So that’s good to know. Additionally regarding mount collars, Practical Crescent Collar III will now provide 6% gold bonus. The King of Spines mount will not longer be as loud. And now, more mounts will have the correct extra prompt when you try to discard them.

The patch notes also covered off some known issues including:

Rage of Bel

  • Rage of Bel insurgencies are having timing issues across all platforms. We have identified the problem and hope to get a fix out next week.

Mount Update

  • Due to some late changes, some mount tooltips may be inaccurate in French, German, and Russian locales.

Zariel’s Favor

  • When opening the reward chest at the end of Valindra’s Tower while it’s a weekly challenge, the error text “You have reached the limit for obtaining: Zariel’s Favor” appears. This does not prevent the character from gaining the appropriate value of Favor.


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