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Neverwinter Patch Brings Class Balances and More

Plus a Pack of the Divine Follower fix

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Neverwinter patch notes fix the Pack of the Divine Follower and more. Here’s what in store.

Along with the description fix, other highlights include the fact that if you did buy the Pack of the Divine Follower, you’ll be able to grab the Eyes of the Divine now from the Reward Claims Agent.

Other notes include a few points on queues:

  • Epic Trials now properly state that they require 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 6 damage dealers.
  • Prophecy of Madness and Throne of the Dwarven Gods now properly state that they take Greater Demonic Keys.

Several classes received balances as well, including the barbarian, paladin, ranger, and rogue:

  • Barbarian: Mighty Vitality: This class feature now properly retains its full effect after moving between maps.
  • Paladin: When the "Timely Intervention" class feature is equipped, Paladins now properly provide a large heal instead of shield with Divine Touch.
  • Ranger: Stamina Regen from Stance Mastery is now properly reflected on the character sheet.
  • Ranger: Warden: Oak Skin can no longer heal downed allies.
  • Rogue
    • Assassin: Gloaming Cut now has an additional sound at the end of its animation.
    • Whisperknife: Disheartening Strike no longer reduces the target's defense by 5000. Instead, it increases the damage the target takes from Physical and Projectile attacks by 5%.
    • Whisperknife: Shadow Strike: The magnitude of this power has been increased to 550. Its added effect has been changed to: Increases the damage the target takes from Physical and Projectile attacks by 5%.

Be sure to check out the full notes here.


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