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Neverwinter Patch Brings Class and Balance Tweaks

Plus some other minor refinements

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Class balance tweaks are the focus of a recent Neverwinter patch, in addition to some minor changes to economy, and general UI refinement.

Paladins, Clerics, and Warlocks were affected in the latest patch. For Paladins, both Justicar and Oathkeeper received changes, Cleric saw changes to Devout, and Warlock saw changes to Soulkeeper.

For example, Cleric Devout saw adjustments to Soothe, Bastion of Health, Healing Ward, and Light of Divinity as follows:

  • The magnitude of Soothe has been increased to 275, up from 250.
  • The magnitude of Bastion of Health has been increased to 1600, up from 1500.
  • The magnitude of Healing Word has been increased to 450, up from 400.
  • The magnitude of Light of Divinity has been increased to 1700, up from 1600.

Some minor fixes to rewards claims agent allows you to claim legendary mounts which were account-unlocked. The UI saw refinement where the Convert RP button will now work properly.


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