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Neverwinter Outlines Heroic Encounters in Avernus

Major and minor

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Arc Games has outlined heroic encounters in Avernus in their latest Neverwinter dev blog.

Several heroic encounters will be on offer, divided into two main groups: major and minor. The major encounters are called Ensnared and Ascension. Ensnared will you see fight alongside Celestials against some of the greatest monsters of Avernus. Ascension will see you freeing souls and helping innocent denizens literally ascend to Mount Celestia.

Minor encounters include Citadel Defense, Soul Coin Cache, Infernal Warmachine, and Restoring Hope. These run the gamut from straight up defense modes, to stopping a gang and destroying their war machine before it deals damage on your allies.

Soul Coin Cache seems the most quirky as described,

“An Infernal Warmachine has run out of soul coin fuel in Haruman’s Hill, leaving behind a large cache of Soul Coins. Being high value items, Devils are enroute to collect the prized currency and reclaim their Warmachine. Hold off the devils long enough to free the souls trapped in the coins!”

Check out all these events here.


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