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Neverwinter (Nights Online): Something in Between

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Gamespot  has interviewed Jack Emmert and confirmed that Cryptic Studios is indeed working on an online version of Neverwinter Nights. The game will neither be a traditional MMO, nor will it be a single player RPG, Neverwinter Nights 3. The game, according to the article, is something in between. In truth, the new game sounds rather Diablo-ish in its interpretation: Players connect to a server and are 'encouraged to play cooperatively'. Building tools will also be released as in previous games.

The new game will focus on the D&D 4th edition rules and will be launched in concert with R.A. Salvatore's new trilogy, Gauntlgrym, the first book of which is set to be published this fall. The game will take place in a world where Neverwinter has fallen into ruins:

GS: We also understand that the game is being launched in tandem with Gauntlgrym, the first book in an all-new Neverwinter novel trilogy by author R.A. Salvatore. Tell us about the game's story and how it will evolve alongside the new books.

JE: The game is set a little over 100 years into the future, and Forgotten Realms is recovering from an epic catastrophe: the death of the god of magic triggered a massive "spellplague" that swept across Faerun and changed everything it touched.

The Salvatore trilogy touches on all the events leading up to the game and, most importantly, how Neverwinter fell. Through these great novels, readers will get a taste of the Neverwinter world, characters, and enemies.

At some point, Neverwinter was laid waste. Why? No one really remembers at this point. The players will need to find out what happened and whether it'll reoccur…

Read the full interview here. Check out the new PlayNeverwinter.com site too.


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