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Neverwinter: Milestone III of The Redeemed Citadel is Available Now

Aid Zariel in Milestone III

Steven Weber Posted:
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Neverwinter has now released Milestone III of the Redeemed Citadel, which brings a new campaign, new Leaderboard goals, new rewards to earn, and a new Heroic encounter. The Redeemed Citadel will require a level 80 character and completion of the Avernus campaign.

The new update pushes the story of players aiding Zariel further along, and provides a new server progress goal, and a new leaderboard. Players will also have the ability to earn the following new rewards:

  • Vanity Pet - Lulu
  • Fashion Piece - Holysmith
  • Citadel Teleport Scrolls
  • FX Transmute - Floating Eyeballs
  • Weapon Upgrade Token

The Redeemed Citadel campaign is a popular new way to work together with other players to reforge the Citadel, by completing Heroic encounters in Avernus, slaying fiends, and completing weekly challenges.

Neverwinter recently released a patch to highlight mounts with some much needed changes and upgrades as well as the increasing all odds for premium drops for players across the board.


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