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Neverwinter Is Now Available on Epic Games Store

Plus Milestone IV

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announced earlier that Neverwinter is now available on the Epic Games Store. Here are the details.

With the final milestone unlocked for The Redeemed Citadel, players can now experience all of the exciting features that the citadel has to offer. The new update concludes the epic campaign of Neverwinter players aiding the redeemed archdevil Zariel in her renewed crusade against the devils and demons engaged in the Blood War.

After banding together throughout the previous milestones to restore power to the once Bleeding Citadel, it has finally been fully restored and its Forge rekindled, enabling Zariel’s allies to strengthen their armor and their resolve. This foothold in Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells, now serves as a beacon for Aasimar avengers everywhere.

In fact, Milestone IV is already live. Features include The Forge, a new character race – the Aasimar, and more. New rewards are also introduced including Crown of Candles Transmute, Reforger’s Pants, 3x Blessed Gifts of the Companion Choice Pack, and Premium Legendary Insignia Choice Pack Bundle


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