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Neverwinter Dungeon Premium Drops Will See an Increase

Apparently players didn't know about these drops

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Dungeon Premium drops are set to see an increase in Neverwinter as the team is looking to improve odds for all.

As the team notes, the more difficult the content, the higher the probability you’ll receive a premium item in the chests. The reason to improve these drops is that apparently quite a few players don’t realize that end chests in queued content have a chance to drop premium items. Here’s what may be tweaked:

  • Companion Upgrade Tokens
  • Mount Upgrade Tokens
  • Astral Diamonds (refined, not rough)
  • Tradebars
  • Wards
  • Genie's Gifts
  • Scrolls of Raise Dead/Raise Dead Team
  • Stones of Health
  • Mounts and Companions rank Uncommon -> Epic
  • 36 slot bag
  • Legendary Account Wide Mounts – very rare!

The team notes that these changes were based on feedback with the Collaborative Development Program. Additionally, these changes will go live alongside the Dungeon Delvers Delights event which itself will double the chance for a premium item.


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