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Neverwinter Developers Reveal Changes to Rangers & Wizards Coming in Undermountain

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The Neverwinter team is continuing its examination of big changes coming to all classes when the Undermountain expansion goes live later this spring. In the latest pair of blogs on the Neverwinter site, both the Ranger and Wizard are examined.


To begin with, the word "Control" is being dropped, though they will still have a number of control spells at their disposal. 

The class will be divided into two paragon paths:

  • Arcanists use arcane and electrical magic. Some can build up arcane powers or can choose "to spell weave their different types of magics"
  • Thaumaturges "focuses on the duality of fire and ice magics. Fireball is an iconic spell

The wizard is a master of many types of magic, as for which ones to use is up to you. Whether fire or lightning, arcane or cold, wizards are formidable adventurers worthy to take on the most challenging content.


Rangers will remain versatile combatant that will fall into two paragon paths:

  • Hunters are "built around powerful ranged attacks", though they can use melee attacks for "boosts and bleeds" along with traps to snare enemies. The daily attack is Snipe.
  • Wardens use nature along with lightning and grasping roots. Throw Caution reduces personal defenses to increase offensive abilities. Wardens can focus exclusively on melee if they choose.

Whether from near or from far, the ranger is great at mixing up their attacks to keep their enemies guessing while they dispatch them with killer accuracy alongside their pack.

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What are you most looking forward to with Undermountain's class revamps?


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