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Neverwinter Developers Details Changes Coming to Paladins & Clerics

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Neverwinter site has a pair of new blog posts that detail "dramatic changes" coming with the Undermountain expansion. The goal of the Cleric changes is to make "healing more significant than ever". For Paladins, alterations "will make healing more significant than ever and change tanking dramatically".


Some of the things that will be drastically changed include:

  • a reworked divinity resource
  • "Divine Call as it existed is gone and divinity represents a straightforward pool of divine magic"
  • Encounter Powers heal, while Damage Spells will cost Divinity to cast
  • Divinity regenerates over time
  • Healers use Channel Divinity to pray and restore Divinity while Tanks block attacks to restore Divinity based on damage blocked
  • Dungeons and trials have been rebalanced to provide "more of an opportunity to mitigate damage as a tank or react and heal as a healer"
  • Justicar is the tank class, Oathkeeper is a healer as before
  • Divine Spells have been heavily reworked


  • As with Paladins, Divinity as a resource is vastly different, but a more "straightforward pool of Divine Magic"
  • Damage spells cost Divinity to cast
  • Healing spells are linked to Divinity rather than cooldowns
  • Devout and Arbiter are the advanced paths
  • New spells will be added

Read more at the links above.

What do you think of the changes?


Suzie Ford

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