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Neverwinter: Devblog Talks the Tyranny of Dragons Epic Adventure, As Dragonslayer Opens on Preview Shard

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When it comes to Neverwinter, the upcoming Dragonslayer module is on its way in June. There's a new developer blog covering the Tyranny of Dragons campaign, which will become an Epic Adventure, as well as the Dragonslayer module becoming available on the test shard for PC.

When it comes to Epic Adventure content, the concept was added so that players could play through older content in a way that they could experience the story via quests and still be rewarded but in a much more streamlined and less urgent way. Because Neverwinter has been out for a decade, that is a lot of content. This way preserves older stories’ access and makes them rewarding, while also tweaking some things to work best for legacy content.

The Well of Dragons zone is getting another new update where Tyranny of Dragons will become an Epic Adventure. There will also be a few changes like quest bug fixes and other tweaks to the original content. Heroic encounters will be converted to a minor rank, which will let two to three players to complete them. This will also include the Heralds of Tiamat challenge that will be available every 10 to 20 minutes to challenge young dragons. 

If you are interested in playing through the Well of Dragons Epic Adventure, you’ll need any level 20+ character that has a 35,000 item level.

Meanwhile, if you are a PC player and want to test out the Dragonslayer content, you can head over to the preview shard and download the update. You will be able to test out the 10 player rise of Tiamat trial, check out the new gear, play through the dragon slayer campaign oh, and give the developers feedback on what works and what doesn't.

For more on the Epic Adventure updates, see the new devblog here. For the preview shard notes, head over to Neverwinter.


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