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Neverwinter Dev Blog Outlines Avernus Adventure Zone

Traverse a barren wasteland

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new developer blog from the Neverwinter team gives us more information on an adventure zone called Avernus.

Your task in Avernus is to traverse it and restore the memories of Lulu from Zariel’s fall. Arriving on the outskirts of Fort Kuncklebone, you’ll be able to ally with the Kenku Brothers. These brothers are skilled mechanics, specifically with war machines.

With Avernus described as a wasteland, you’ll need the “machines of war” to traverse it effectively. Additionally, the Stygian Dock is there as a major supply route. It also serves as a fueling station. The post also discusses Haruman’s Hill, the Scab and Bleeding Citadel, and the Redemption of Zariel,

“With all of her memories restored, Lulu knows what needs to be done and she needs your help. You must meet her in the heart of the Bleeding Citadel. Unfortunately, the only way for you to get inside is by hacking a path through demon-infested tunnels deep inside the Scab itself.”

You can check out what awaits you in Avernus by heading over to the full post here.


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