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Neverwinter Challenge of the Gods is Back Tomorrow

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 If you're looking for a challenge in Neverwinter, the Challenge of the Gods event  is returning tomorrow. The event will let you prove yourself worthy of challenge and loot by taking on specific challenges from the gods to kill monsters in various ways.

Among the challenges you can take on that belong to the various gods span a range of types. Tymora’s challenge is to kill two foes without using healing potions, while Sune challenges you to use Encounter powers 10 times in combat. Selûne’s challenge is to complete a Heroic Encounter within 10 minutes. The challenges, as you can see, range in difficulty and what is asked of you, so you can try the ones that appeal to you most or just try racking up the wins on your way to loot.

If you agree to take on a challenge and you succeed, you'll be able to get the item Gift of the Gods, which will give you a special reward. These include the Celestial Mantle, Invocation Gift, Celestial Grace dye pack, Divine Injury kit, as well as potential for runes, enchants, and potions. Blessing of the Gods is a daily quest with additional challenges, that will let you take challenges and reward you with a Blessed Gift of the Gods lockbox which contains coin of Waukeen and a Divine reward. These include one of the items featured in the Gift of the Gods and another item, which can be things like Waukeen’s Coin Purse, Forgehammer of Gond, or Eye of Lathander.

If the event whets your appetite for some loot and to maybe test yourself on these challenges, it will run  From Tomorrow March 24th at 7:30 a.m. Pacific time throughThursday March 31st at 7:30 a.m. Pacific time.

For more on the event and the list of rewards, see the official announcement at Neverwinter.


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