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Neverwinter Brings Back the Chickens With April Fowls This Week

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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With April 1st this Friday, a number of games are turning things over to some of their goofiest events. Neverwinter is bringing the April Fowls event back this week as the latest announcement.

If you haven’t taken part in April Fowls before, hopefully you like chickens. You’ll meet Earl the Chickenmancer who has found himself cursed with Touch of the Chicken. This curse means he can turn things into chickens, and this is what’s going on, all out of control, as a result. You can help him out by cleaning up the feathery mess happening all over the place. If you do that, you’ll be able to get your hands on an appropriately “fowl” mount, the all new Zombie Chicken.

There’s no new trailer for the event this year so far, but you can get a taste from last year’s tease.

There’s another side to the event that you’ll be able to participate in, Fight of the Fowls. In essence, this is 5v5 chicken-based PvP. The availability of this limited mode will last through the event, which begins on March 31st at 7:30 Am PT and ends on April 14th. You’ll be able to change chicken classes throughout what’s designed as fast-paced matches. There will also be the Ne-cro-mancer chicken available this year once more, and will be available to change into, but access is only through getting Basic Bok’s Daily seeds.

Yeah, everything's coming up chickens in the event, so if you’re up for helping Earl and maybe even a little fowl combat on the side, you could walk away with some rewards. These include the new Zombie Chicken mount and Zombie Chick vanity pet, a Chicken Follower, Baby Chick, Chicks Magnets, Hot Wings, and more.

For more on the April Fowls event, and the intricacies of 5v5 chicken PvP, head over to the official event announcement over at Neverwinter.


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