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Neverwinter Breaks Down Its New Adventures System

Coming To Module 21

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Coming with Module 21, Cryptic is testing new waters with a new way to play through Neverwinter's content. The Adventure system is meant to be what the development studio calls a "new and intuitive" way to play.

The new system, which is not just meant to help play through the content but also help keep track of your progress, is coming with the upcoming Module 21. Located in the Sword Coast Chronicles tab of the player journal, Neverwinter players can use it to plan their next content run and keep track of which ones they've completed to date.

This is also meant to coincide with the new leveling experience, which will see Neverwinter squish levels across the MMO to a max of 20.

"When you begin your journey in Neverwinter, you will follow our new guided leveling experience. As part of this new leveling, you will complete six adventures across the Sword Coast with new and exciting rewards and flow. You will travel to a variety of fantastic locations, from the peaks of the Sword Mountains to the depths of the Underdark. To ensure this experience is smooth and easy to follow, Adventures provide a Begin Story button that will guide you to the right character to start your journey. If you are in the middle of an Adventure, that button becomes Continue Story and will help you get back on track or finish any missions that you missed! These Adventures include tutorial missions to make sure every adventurer is prepared for the Epic Adventures that await them at level 20."

Players who make it to level 20, you'll open up a new form of adventure, called Epic Adventures. According to the Neverwinter team, these new Adventures can be done in any order you please. Epic Adventures are also a way for the dev team to repurpose older campaigns to make them easier to jump into for players, as well as removing campaign limits like on the Maze Engine and Acquisitions Incorporated.

You can check out the full blog post for more details on the Adventure system coming with Module 21.


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