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Neverwinter Boasts Over 20 Million Lifetime Players Per New Embracer Report

Other details from Embracer purhcase of PWE

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Earlier this month it was announced that Perfect World Entertainment was acquired by Embracer Group, though will operate independently under Gearbox. Now we know a bit more about Perfect World and why Embracer purchased the company. Notably, we have some metrics from some of the ongoing MMOs from Cryptic, including revenues and player numbers for games like Neverwinter and Star Trek Online.

According to the reportNeverwinter is by far the largest game in Cryptic's portfolio, seeing over 20 million lifetime players and over 400 million in revenue. Star Trek Online, meanwhile, is listed as having over 6 million lifetime players and a little more than half Neverwinter's revenue, at $240 millionOther titles in the portfolio, such as the surprising Remnant: From the Ashes has sold over 3 million units, while the Torchlight franchise has seen over 5 million units sold between the three games.

PWE Embracer Group Acquisition

Perfect World itself is listed as being sold for $125 million USD, with half of that in shares, while $60 million in cash being exchanged. As reported before, PWE and Cryptic will operate independently under Gearbox Entertainment, and the deal doesn't just include Perfect World Entertainment's publishing arm as well as Cryptic, but also include Deleware-based Runic Games. 

Perfect World has had an interesting year, with Magic: Legends specifically being canceled before it could even fully get off the ground, though that seemingly didn't sway Embracer from the deal.  As far as why Embracer....erm....embraced the deal, the Swedish-based holding company simply states that the "acqusition accelerate's Gearbox Entertainment's mission to Entertain the World." 


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