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Neverwinter Blog Introduces Players to the Critters of Undermountain

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The latest Neverwinter blog has been published, this time to introduce readers to a few of the creatures that inhabit the Undermountain. Intrepid adventurers may encounter critters like the Basilisk that can turn the unwary to stone and the Ettercap, a fellow that can put players into a sticky situation. Let's not forget the Shambling Mound and the Purple Worm too. All in all, Undermountain sounds like a terrifying place.

Shambling Mound

Slow and lumbering, this mass of vegetation may seem like a harmless entity but that is far from the truth. This creature is one with its organic surroundings and as such makes it a formidable foe. Whether it is summoning large thorns from the earth beneath you, surrounding you in a mass of vines, or stretching its arms out to hit you from afar, this mighty mound will quickly allay you of any hope that defeating it will be easy. And if you’re thinking you can sneak behind it and keep it from hitting you, well let’s just say you might want to be careful.

Read about each of these frightening creatures on the Neverwinter site.


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