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Neverwinter: Avernus Releases on PC June 30

Explore the first layer of hell

Garrick Durham-Raley Posted:
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The release date for Neverwinter’s next big update has been revealed, and players will be able to journey through hell when Avernus launches June 30 on PC.

In a blog post, the team announced that Neverwinter: Avernus will drop on June 30 for PC. In this new update, players will be able to continue their adventure by exploring the first layer of the nine hells. There is a mystery surround the Archdevil Zariel that players will unravel with the help of Lulu the holyphant. This new update will bring a new Adventure Zone to Neverwinter, a new end-game Trial, and class balancing.

For more information about Neverwinter: Avernus, you can check out their Developer Blog Hub and read about the new Adventure Zone they outlined. Additionally, players can still grab a Sheltered Wizard’s cache for free until June 18.


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