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Neverwinter Announces Expedition Packs Re-release

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Neverwinter has announced a re-release of their expedition packs.

These expedition packs will no longer be available after December 30 at 10a PT. They include Chultan, Hunter, Consult, and Delver packs. Here’s what’s inside each pack:

Chultan Expedition Pack

  • Chultan Currency Pack
  • Spiked Deinonychus Mount
  • Alpha Compy Companion
  • Witchdoctor Batiri Mask
  • Chultan Merchant Fashion Box
  • Expedition Leader Title

Hunter Expedition Pack

  • Hunter’s Currency Pack
  • Vampire Hunter’s Necessities
  • Common Tarokka Card Pack
  • Vistani Wanderer Companion
  • Decaying Stag Mount
  • Masked Highwayman Fashion Box
  • Vampire Hunter Title

Consult Expedition Pack

  • Consult Currency Pack
  • Alteration Manual – Drizzt’s Hairstyle
  • Alteration Manual – Long Undercut Hairstyle
  • Alteration Manual – Serissa’s Loops Hairstyle
  • Alteration Manual – Cattie-brie’s Braid Hairstyle
  • Adolescent Deepcrow Epic Mount
  • Tutor Companion
  • Patrician Fashion Box
  • Business Consultant Title

Delver’s Expedition Pack

  • Delver’s Currency Kit (NOTE: the tooltip for this item incorrectly states that it provides Wooden Tokens. The Currency Kit actually provides Coalesced Magic)
  • Myconid Companion
  • Toothesome Mount
  • Bar Patron Title


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