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Neverwinter Accidentally Releases Sharandar Masterwork on PC, Will Remain as Console Launch Planned for May

Plus, a new guide to Appointment Events with a new one arriving this week.

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Neverwinter got an accidental early release of the new Sharandar Masterwork professions to the live server on PC, but it will remain available even though it’s not in “the desired final state”. Since some players have already been engaging with it, the team feels like it's a better idea to leave it and continue working on the feature with a planned release on console on May 3rd. 

The team will continue with updates to the Sharandar Masterworks that aim to improve the commission rewards, making things like tool rewards more powerful, crafted items’ stats and levels, and additional polish. When it comes to crafted items, an example as to what they have in mind is adjustments to stats on both new and already-crafted relevant items. Glowing Restoration Ring will change to a more healing-focused item, for example. These will bring the feature closer to the intended final release and at least get it into the right state for console launch. 

The team has also released a guide to Appointment Events, that will let players who haven't taken part in these types of events before. Appointment Events are 3 week-long events that will give currencies shared across all similar events and you can exchange or save up your winnings to trade for items in the event rewards store. This gives you some additional control since you’ll be able to save up for items (and, for some rewards, will have to play through multiple events to do so).

Appointment Events already run in Neverwinter include Hell Pit, Harvester of Nightmares, and Siege of Neverwinter. A new one will be coming this year, Day of the Dungeon Master, which debuts this Thursday, April 14th.

The currencies you can earn are Token of Participation, and token of Achievement. Each of these have separate requirements to get those coins depending on your individual participation in each of these events. So you will be able to earn particular numbers of coins depending on how often you participate, and because you can save them up to use when another appointment event is running, it gives you a chance to collect rewards even if you don't have time to play during one of the events but you do during the next.

See the full details in the guide to Appointment Events at Neverwinter.


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