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NetEase Opens Beta for Mobile Souls-like Dark Action MMO DarkBind

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DarkBind, a new mobile Action MMORPG, is coming and Netease has just launched beta testing in North America and Japan today.

The game is set in a dark magical fantasy world  and was designed for a more global audience in mind, according to a release from Netease announcing the game. 

With its dark themes and an intent to provide a hardcore action MMO experience, development took into account strategies, PvP, and other features. The team at Netease looks to combine action and multiplayer elements, mythology and lore, and realistic graphics for a quality mobile experience.

The beta test begins today and if you download the beta build and start the game, you’ll become the Returned One, with some unfinished business to take care of. The Great Darkness happened and The Calamity and Wraiths are in the Void, lurking and preparing to make a move once more. Given all of this, you won't be able to rest, so you rise from the grave and plot to fight the evil that threatens to overtake the land and end the curse forever. If you’re looking to possibly save the world with some strategic combat and learning, this may be your mobile game.

Setting it in a world with such a dark premise, the game aims to create immersion and realistic combat that also features the dark magic so present in the world. This might remind some of the influence of the Souls series. And that’s no surprise. There are what the team promises to be “grotesque” bosses with their own distinct attack patterns. You’ll have to figure out your strategy to defeat them and walk away with a win. There will also be higher difficulty settings and ranked challenge options.

Expect PvP as well in addition to the strategic PvE gameplay. There are several planned modes to suit your style.

The DarkBind beta is now available to download on mobile. See more at Netease.


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