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Neowiz Team to Tackle Optimization and Hacking

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The weekly Bless Online Producer's Letter has been published that reveals that the team is pleased with the deployment of the latest patch over the July 4th holiday. In addition, it is revealed that developers are working on a pair of core issues with regard to the game: Optimization and Hacking.


The letter acknowledges that players are working around optimization issues by editing the game's .ini file. However, the team is "currently in process of refining the settings so that players who don't alter the .ini file can further customize the game to match their own needs through the game's own settings menu".

Specific function issues have been identified "in the UI manager and in level streaming" and devs are working to delete unneeded files.

Lastly, network-related problems and server stability are a continued work in progress.


Players have been reporting hacking over the past week. Several have been specifically identified and "immediate action against hackers" has been taken. Neowiz encourages players to keep submitting reports, videos, character names and server info as a means to address issues ASAP.

Using such tools and modifying the client are clearly methods of cheating; this is not a grey or unclear area. As such, we are issuing permanent bans to those who are or have been abusing these hacks. It is important to us that players are who aren’t using hacks are able to enjoy the Bless experience fully, and we believe these actions are towards that goal.

Read the full letter on the Bless Steam page.


Suzie Ford

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