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Neowiz Previews Royal Quests & the Basel Gorge

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The Bless Steam page has a new blog post to show off two of the components of tomorrow's big patch: Basel Gorge and Royal Quests. 

Basel Gorge is a level 45 zone that "is the highly contested centerpoint of the conflict between the Union and Hieron factions". When visiting the Gorge, players will have a variety of gameplay elements to take part in with two ultimate goals: Control the three bases and kill several bosses.

According to the post, while adventuring in Basel Gorge players can earn more PvP Combat Points than in most other open world areas by controlling the bases. Taking a base provides a "Gorge Occupier" buff that stacks with each base controlled up to three times. "Each stacked buff grants a 7% increase in movement speed and increases the amount of Combat Points gained from killing another player by 50%". Bases can be controlled for 20 minutes at a time before returning to its normal neutral status.

The bosses in Basel Gorge are considered harder than open world bosses and can show up in any one of three rarities "determined by their respawn time and the randomness of their spawn location".

Players working cooperatively to take down a boss will earn rewards based on their contribution to the fight. The more participation, the more Combat Points are earned.

Royal Quests are a daily quest series designed for players of level 45:

Players will be able to find an accept these quests in multiple locations around the world; they will be marked by purple quest icons on the world map. Players will be able to complete a total of 15 Royal Quests per day to get the most rewards possible. These quests have better rewards than regular quests! Not only does each Royal Quest have a higher gold reward than a normal quest, but for every 5 Royal Quests completed each day, players will receive an additional bonus reward via in-game mail. 

Read the full details on the Bless Steam page.


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